What Is Your Motivation?

What gets you up in the morning and makes you want to jump out of bed and attack your day?

Does anything like that really exist?

equity-soulMaybe you are an employee, and you love your job, or maybe your own your own business and you love what you do. But what is the real driver? Is it money? Is it hope? Is it watching your customer succeed? Is it the relationships you have at the office? Maybe your motivation is an incredible charity? Maybe you just love the smell of money like Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank? Or is your motivation to just pay the bills? Sure, it could be all of these, and many more, but is the return you get emotionally rewarding? Maybe we can call that an ROI on your labor investment.

In the marketing world, ROI is usually, and rightly so, tied to a financial gain. But at what cost? Do you sell yourself short, and not get paid what you deserve? Do you work for less just to have the job? Are you not appreciated, or under appreciated? Or is what you do everything you desire?

What would you do if you could do or be anything? Would the financial reward matter? 

Yeah, these are a lot of questions. I ask them of you, and I ask them of myself every so often.

Motivation is an odd thing isn’t it? I see people stay employed in situations where they are so unhappy, yet they stay? Why? Is it just the money? I see people who are thrilled doing what they do…. what is the X-Factor that makes them so happy?

I think motivation needs to be checked every once in a while. Make sure your motivation and moral compass are fine tuned to your proper channel.

At the end of the day, life is too short to do what you do not want to do, be what you want to be. But maybe dreams like this, to be happy as a clam, is just a fairy tale. Is life really get up, work, eat, sleep and repeat?

This post kind of went nowhere… and that I think is OK. No answers, just questions.

What motivates you?

Until next time…


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